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Her Journey From Styling To Poetry And Painting Reflects


J Antoinette is an artist who has transformed her passion for hairstyling, poetry, and painting into art. With a background in hairstyling, she brings a unique perspective to the canvas and the written word. Her work is a tapestry of emotions and expressions, blending creativity, craftsmanship, and a profound connection with the human experience. Her journey from hairstyling to poetry and painting reflects her commitment to artistic exploration and creating a space that nurtures both the eyes and soul. Explore her depth and diversity, where passion meets artistry and the transformative power of expression takes center stage.

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Image by Jonny Caspari

J Antoinette's Journal

jornal 5.PNG

This journal was made for someone with a sound mind that needs a little touch of peace. Our lives are consumed with daily activities that take all our time & we lose sight of the goal. A little encouragement is the best reminder to stay focused. Any day you lose track, open this notebook, be honest & be open with your thoughts. Looking back on your perception from years ago shows growth & records the evolution of your mind. Journaling should be a safe place to express yourself & I hope my line of thinking encourages you to keep going & never lose sight of the prize. 

Here, within these lines, your thoughts find a safe haven. This journal is more than just a collection of pages; it's a space to express yourself authentically. Let it be a canvas for your emotions, a witness to your triumphs and trials.

May this line of thinking, etched into the fabric of every page, inspire you to keep going. Even on the days when the prize seems distant, remember that every step forward is a victory. Your journey is worth recording, celebrating, and cherishing.

Start your transformative journaling experience today. Gift yourself the serenity of self-expression and the clarity that comes with reflection. Open the door to a world where your mind finds solace, encouragement, and the unwavering reminder to never lose sight of the prize – your own flourishing journey.


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Image by Aaron Burden
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