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Writing has become one of the most Rewarding ways to express myself 
Free of Judgement

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Releasing both
Positive & Negative 
energy is how art is

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A woman is  
Powerful through her Words
& the way she
Treats Others

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Be patient
& give yourself the
Grace you need

Take Your
& make 



Mending A Broken Heart 


One of the hardest battles to fight is finding strength to build yourself up

after you’ve been broken into pieces.

The concept of healing is to accept all your flaws and understand that decisions you made in the past don’t define who you are becoming. 

The ability to know that when you’re on a journey it’s impossible for every moment to be beautiful. 

Trust that with every ounce of pain you feel there are pounds of blessings

that will come in abundance after. 

Focus on building your confidence, pray for your peace and take the time to reset your mind. 

Our thoughts place so much weight on our hearts that we grow numb to love. In the past we built walls to avoid drama and protect ourselves from negative energy. 

When we should be creating safe spaces for our minds to run wild. Allowing ourselves the freedom to speak on our traumas and turn them into a testimony.

A part of you will feel like you’re trying to abandon memories simply because it hurts knowing what once was a moment no longer exist.

Once you accept the hurt you feel is apart of the healing,

your mind will be willing to create a new environment for you to blossom in.

This place will feel different, and you’re going to be so uncomfortable. 

However, the reward that follows you on your journey through suffering,

sets the tone for your awakening spirit. 

The person you’re meant to be travels on a train through trauma. 

At each phase in your life, decide if this is your exit? 

Are you ready to hop off at a random place in space? where we get stuck and lost in our thoughts?

Stay on track, be patient and willing to learn.

The train is a reflection of how far you’re willing to travel to get away from where you are.

There is no final destination, just keep riding. 

J Antoinette 

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