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After 10 years in the beauty industry the time has come for me to blossom into a new chapter of my life. Ive spent years learning, perfecting my craft as well as expanding my service list. I had the pleasure of styling so many amazing clients and building lifelong friendships.

Shortly after receiving my license in Detroit,MI

 I gained a great deal of experience working with a younger group of clients. Servicing children taught me how much patience you need to survive in this industry that’s constantly evolving. The management position allowed me to spread my wings to Los Angeles where I explored a more creative passion I had for hair and all things beauty. From photoshoots and events, to weddings and working in Beverly Hills there was never a dull moment that didn’t leave an everlasting impression on me. 

Through it all I survived 7 years of transitions that lead me to where I am today. In the last four years I focused on accommodating my best supporters and clients who were personally connected to me. Over the years, I dimmed my light to build confidence and help others feel beautiful. Now, it’s time for me to maintain a peace of mind that allows me to shine my light in a different way. My goal is to inspire people to protect their peace at a time when anxiety and depression have consumed our community. I appreciate you all for your support and thank you for pushing me to my greatest potential.


- J Antoinette

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